Looking for partners

ID.SCOPE is looking for buyers / investors / partners

Currently the capital is held by a single shareholder. Within the next 9 months, this capital must be legally open to other investors, purchasers or partners.


The company is headquartered at the Gildo Pastor Center, World Trade Center located in the business district of Fontvieille in Monaco.

Legal structure

Established in Monaco since 2000, ID.SCOPE is a limited liability company under Monegasque law with a capital of €30,000.
The company’s Statutes, registered at the “Greffe Général des Tribunaux de Monaco”, cover the following activities:
« In situ data acquisition on the aquatic and terrestrial environment, interpretation and processing of this data for the issue of synthetic reports regarding the studies, the installation then the building of any river or lake, on land, coastal or offshore constructions. The control and monitoring of the same constructions, as well as any environmental, scientific or touristic missions ».
And, generally, all operations commercial, industrial, financial, or on movable and immovable assets, directly related to the above social object.

History of the company

The origin of ID.SCOPE dates from the 70s, when a team of young Geophysicists of the Oceanographic Museum of MONACO, spun-off to create the SCOP OCEANOGRAPHY structure at Saint Laurent du Var near NICE in FRANCE. This structure dedicated to offshore survey and oceanographic measurements were among the pioneers in France. The structure continued its existence changing and adapting gradually to changing techniques and economic conditions. The company ID. SCOPE was acquired in 2000 and re-located in Monaco by an Italian investor for tax reasons. Since then, the company carries on performing its business.
Recently, in April 2016, Michel THOMMERET, Ph.D. in Marine Geology, technical director and an employee of the company took over the entire capital.


Current business of ID.SCOPE are focused on marine offshore activities. They comprise of offshore survey control for oil and gas industry, renewable marine energies, marine cable industry. ID.SCOPE’s engineers are required by major company such as TOTAL, SAIPEM, SBM, ALCATEL, EDFEN, ENGIE, DCNS, SUBSEA 7 etc... to implement, manage or supervise technically and contractually offshore operations as:

  • Client representative.
  • Geophysical survey manager.
  • Coastal Impact studies.
  • QA/QC reporting officer and specification advisor for several companies.

They also comprise of design, supply and installation of oceanographic and meteorological data acquisition system.
With a small permanent staff, ID. SCOPE relies on a network of independent engineers highly qualified to complete his core team (portage).

Benefit of ID.SCOPE

  • A well-known reputation and references in the French offshore oil and gas industry and seniority on the market essential to tender.
  • Frame agreements with TOTAL sa, DCNS sa, ALCATEL Lucent, SONAMET, TOTAL Borneo BV, TOTAL Nigéria and Service des Travaux Publics de Monaco allowing a prompt response to client’s requests.
  • Long establishment in Monaco, independent country of attractive taxation and smooth labour law.

7, rue du GABIAN
98000 MONACO
JUNE 2016