BMS (Buoy Monitoring System)


BMS is a modular system, which, installed on board of a SPM Buoy or an offshore Loading platform, is able to control, record and display in real time, and in several locations, the followings parameters
Buoy or platform control (valves status, "flexibles" heading, foghorn and navigation lights, batteries voltage). Tanker connect shackle strain. Oceanographic and meteorological sensors such as : wind-speed and direction, temperature, hygrometry, visibility, atmospheric pressure, current speed and direction at several depths, swell, tide, etc. All electrical commands via relays; Tanker position through GPS or DGPS with navigation aid.
BMS electronic technology is optimized in order to be used both in rough environment and to minimize consumption. In addition, this technology has been used in industrial applications for several years and has proved its reliability.

Implementation and data processing

Several communication configurations are proposed, to avoid any blank due to tanker presence on the communication link, and in accordance with the client's specification and site topography.


  • BMS software allows the User to control and check all parameters of the buoy or the loading platform.
  • All parameters are displayed on the appropriate Window, as soon as they are at disposal.
  • All data are recorded on a daily database file.
  • All recorded data can be played back at any time.
  • Statistics and trend facilities.
  • Local network facilities


Real Time Utilization, Operational vessel, Control monitoring.
BMS Hardware is fully IP 66 and explosion-proof. All electronic and power supply casings are especially built in stainless steel or in special PVC material. All casings are built in accordance with buoy or platform specification. All equipment deployed on buoy or platform are in compliance with Oil Companies recommendations