Wave level measurement: Wave radar


Implementation and data processing


A wave Radar measures the amplitude of waves under a fixed structure.

  • A micro-wave radar beam sweep the water surface under the sensor mounted on a fixed support.
  • The distance between the receiver and the water surface is measured very precisely and in a very stable way.
  • A waves profile is consequently generated.

Data are recorded and processed trough industry standards.
Besides waves amplitudes, this equipment let control precisely tide height and amplitude.
Data are recorded in situ or transmitted to a data logger for example located on shore

Waves amplitudes and tide height measurements.

Real time Utilization :

  • Aid to marine navigation and vessel berthing and mooring.
  • Sea conditions monitoring for worksite supervision.

Off-line Utilization:

  • Metocean data base development.
  • Structures dimensioning.
  • Correction of soundings for bathymetric surveys.