MBMS (Metocean Buoy Monitoring System)


The MBMS software, developed by ID SCOPE, lets you visualize real time transmitted data from different sensors (direction and speed of currents, swell height, wind direction and speed, visibility, air pressure and temperature, etc..).
Multiple dedicated screens are displayed.
This software can be adapted to the specific configuration of each particular system according to user’s need.
The main purpose is to give a light solution for vessels involved in field operations for INDEPENDLY receive oceanographical data.

Implementation and data processing

The data issued from installed sensors are recorded and processed.


  • Real time raw data processing.
  • Quality Control.
  • Customized windows display.
  • Graphical and numerical archiving of data.
  • Data Management.
  • Data Transfer in NMEA protocol.


Real Time Utilization:

  • Aid to navigation.
  • Aid to operational vessel (seismic, etc)
  • Aid to personnel transfer.
  • Aid to HSE.
  • Supply of traceability of production data and parameters.
  • Harbor inspection and security.