Geophysical Survey

Seismic sounding - Seismic reflection


Seismic sounding allows to obtain a soil and sub soil section.


Recurrent transmission of a short acoustic impulse from the surface of the sea.

Reception of the echoes reflected by the sea bed and discontinuities of the soil geological horizons.

Amplification, filtering and recording of the returning echoes.

Implementation and data processing

An accurate vessel positioning system is imperatively required (e.g. a DGPS).

Several equipment type exist in this category : Sub bottom profiler, parametric echo-sounder, boomer, sparker.


Isopach charts of a geological horizon.
Geological cross section.
Site Geological description and evolution.


Geological risk assessment:

  • Interbedded gas pocket.
  • Sedimentary instabilities.
  • Rock outcrops.

Soils Qualification.
Sediment Quantifications.
Pipelines survey.
Aggregates surveys.
Aid to piles hammering.