World Wide offshore activities

Geophysical Surveys and reports - Personnel Assistance & Repping

ID. SCOPE is answering the requirements from various public and private organisations, involved mainly with the offshore industry and the coastal and fluvial public works.

These requirements may vary broadly, from bathymetry measurement, sediment thickness measurement, or to characterization of soil parameters prior to the  installation of new structures and geohazard analysis.

Analogic surveys :

Geophysical reports:

Personnel assistance :

Project management proposals :

Seismic Reflection.
Side Scan Sonar.
Sub Bottom Profiler.

Desktop study.
Side scan sonar mosaic.
Seabed feature chart.
Isopach chart.
Geological interpretation cross section.
Alignment sheet.
Expert report.

Client representative.
Requirements and quality procedures.

Biding process.
Detailed analysis of procedure sequences.
Process control.
Redaction of quality manuals.